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Express Assemblies - 23 Years Celebrating Excellence

Our Services

In addition to a first class manufacturing capability and factory base, we are able to offer a complete range of services designed to add value to your business.

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There are many ways in which potential customers and suppliers can submit a product enquiry.
Our online services allow for enquiries to be made through our company website, our social network applications, such as Facebook and Twitter and perhaps more excitingly, you can now Skype your request to us. Failing that you can always reach us by telephone, fax or email. We encourage potential new customers to provide a drawing and if possible a sample, which we will then reproduce and return to you to see if it matches your requirements. We are extremely happy for any enquiry, whether it be one-offs, Kan bans, scheduled orders or working to stock forecasts, we pride ourselves on being able to deal with any product enquiry.


We operate an extremely competitive quotation system whereby all enquiries will be answered within 24-48 hours.

We can work to any order amount required. We usually specify a small to medium volume quantity to ensure a rapid turnaround. However, large quantities can be accepted in most cases.
All of our quotes are highly competitive and we pride ourselves on working alongside prospective new customers in delivering an unbeatable combination of performance and quality


Upon approval from the customer, we always make an ISM for our customers free of charge. This ensures that before work starts on the production and manufacturing line, the customer is completely happy with their product. Any alterations and changes can then be implemented before mass production.


When an official purchase order is received all customers are sent an order acknowledgement complete with product codes and part numbers, job description, required delivery dates, expected delivery dates, lead times and total price of the product in question. Good communication with our customers is imperative to ensure a smooth transition from us being a potential new supplier to a customer repeating an order. 


Express Assemblies can source components for almost any type of wire or cable assembly.  We
have consolidated strong working relationships with industry leading suppliers and in turn can
offer purchasers and customers a cost effective solution.

When custom made assemblies are required for the customer we do our utmost not to deviate
from drawing and product specification, but where there are savings to be made, we will always
suggest an alternative or equivalent component, showing that we go that extra mile to please our
customers' needs.

In our business, we tend to operate with small to medium volume production workloads and quantities. That way, we do not overreach our production targets and do not keep customers waiting for their goods. We do carry stock of most components and our suppliers do hold stock quantities when required. Nevertheless, we can accommodate large order enquiries and can buy in bulk when necessary. We pride ourselves in delivering on time and can produce any quantity in a very reasonable lead time to the highest calibre.


At Express Assemblies Ltd we strive to work to the highest standards of manufacturing practice.

We have a competitive, flexible and efficient manufacturing process in place that is fully customisable to suit any product or customer enquiry.

We utilise both automatic and manual manufacturing measures and offer a wide variety of manufacturing services, meaning we can do just about anything with a wire or cable.

Wire cutting, stripping, crimping, tinning and soldering are just some of the services we offer but we can adapt to any customer requirement.

We carry an impressive stock of materials and components that are ready to put on the manufacturing and production line instantly. From equipment wire to mains cable, connectors to resistors and ferrite cores to capacitors, we are well placed to handle any product specification.

We approach each wire and cable assembly with the same enthusiasm determination and precise manufacturing system to ensure your final product is a success.


When it comes to packing up a product, we believe that presentation is just as important as the manufacturing and production. We care for our products and this shows when we pack our assemblies. Not only this but we are heavily involved in 'sustainable packaging', with the help of our 'Green Initiative' we are using eco-friendly and recycled products in our packing. This helps the company reduce its carbon footprint and ultimately care for the environment.


In reference to product dispatch, we have an extremely reliable logistics system in place. Using various courier services, we are able to distribute products both nationally and internationally. Distributing products across the globe, our delivery rates are extremely fair and often cheaper than most competitors.

Not only this but we also use our own transport for local drop offs and collections. We are united in our mission to get your product to you on time, every time and will do everything possible to make that happen.


As a company, we take quality control extremely seriously. We check our products before dispatch and where necessary use testing equipment to inspect and validate our products.