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Express Assemblies - 23 Years Celebrating Excellence


We have been producing and manufacturing wire and cable assemblies for over twenty years and have a good understanding of the importance that a good supplier can have on your business. However our product range is not just wire and cable assemblies. From cable looms and harnesses to box builds and wire kitting, we manufacture everything from solar panels and fire alarms to marine equipment and light boxes.

Wire CuttingWire StrippingWire Tinning


This is essentially the beginning of the product manufacturing cycle and where we specialise. We have a number of wire and cable cutting machines that can process even the toughest of materials and perform in the harshest of working conditions.

Wires and Cables we currently cut:

  • PTFE Wire
  • Kynar wire
  • Low Smoke Zero Halogen Cable
  • Co-Axial Cable
  • Equipment Wire
  • Single core wire
  • Multi-stranded wire
  • Hook-Up Wire
  • PVC cable
  • Silicone wire
  • Mains round and flat cable
  • Flat ribbon cable

Not only can we cut a huge variety of materials, but in terms of wire thickness we can process anything from 4AWG to 30AWG. We can push this further and can simply cut thicker cable with hand tools. With unbeatable wire and cable cutting capabilities we can work to any specification and manufacture products at very competitive costs in demanding lead times.


The process of wire and cable stripping is part of our everyday operations. We have stripped millions of wires and have the best automatic and manual tooling for the job. Our high-performance automatic wire stripping machines can strip large wire cross-sections and our manual tooling can strip even the toughest of wire and cable material and jackets. From 1.5mm to 250mm strip lengths, we are flexible in our stripping capabilities.


Once wires have been cut and stripped, the customer may ask for wires to be tinned. The purpose of this process is to simply fill the wires with solder. This is so the wires can be melted easily and soldered onto another component, or it may simply act as a heat-resistant covering. At Express we have a designated tinning station with a number of solder baths and can use tin lead solder and tin free solder to coat the wires.



As a supplier of wire and cable assemblies, we have the ability and experience to quickly and efficiently solder various sized wires and cables together or to other components. With a number of soldering iron areas in place, we can customise our working practice and solder any type of wire or cable.


With reference to the crimping process, we have invested heavily in crimping equipment and have a large range of machines, applicators and hand tools on our premises.

Crimping is simply the process of compressing a terminal or contact to outer stranded wires; this then provides an electrical connection and protects against 'shorting' in product installation.

Using a number of semi-automated crimping machines and bench presses on site, we can operate with both uninsulated and insulated crimp components. Our machines are sophisticated in their performance in that they detect crimp force height, PSI and gauge the force being applied to the crimp.

We also have a number of specialised crimping hand tools, ideal for low volumes, this manual alternative provides a much more cost-beneficial solution to our customers.

Another advantage of choosing us to handle your crimping requirements is that we procure only the highest quality crimps for our products, complete with BS7609 and BS7727 approval. We regularly obtain components from a number of leading suppliers.


Another termination process we currently employ on our products is the process of ferruling. In a similar context to crimping, the purpose of ferruling a wire is to act as a protective connection and prevent corrosion of the conductors.

We use a number of bootlace and wire end ferrules both uninsulated and with insulating collar to crimp on to various sized wire and cable. We also have single sized ferrules as well as twin ferrules to fit two wires. From 0.5mmsq cross section to 25mmsq cable, we are well equipped to deal with any ferruling enquiry.




Dealing with simple point to point wire assemblies, Express Assemblies Ltd can handle and produce any type of wire or cable assembly that you require. With a sophisticated manufacturing system, strong product supply chain and first rate delivery network you can rest assured that your wire and cable assemblies are of the highest order.


Another service we offer is wire kitting. We currently provide low cost wire kitting products to a variety of markets. From simple spares packs with a number of fasteners and fixings enclosed to product installation assemblies with manuals and instruction templates, this is a unique process we offer and one that is becoming increasingly desired by our customer base.


Ribbon cables are a key area of manufacture in our industry. A continual area of growth, the need for top quality ribbon cables is vital for a successful product outcome. This is where we come in. Using flat ribbon cable, we can manufacture anything from 10 pin to 60 pin assemblies in a very short lead time.

All of our IDC ribbon cable components are RoHS compliant and any issues relating to pitch, flexibility, temperature or any other issue can be handled by our competent and experienced staff. We have a ribbon cable press and tester on site and can accommodate any order amount required.




Express Assemblies Ltd has a wealth of experience in dealing with wiring and cable looms and can adapt to any specification requested.

From simple cut and stripped wire assemblies connected together to more complex cable looming properties, we have the knowledge and expertise to manufacture top quality products on time, every time.

We have a variety of looming equipment on the premises, such as jigs and boards. But perhaps most important, we can offer a cost-effective option and also save the hassle for our customers of producing their looms in-house which is often a time consuming process. We aim to have the answer for your ‘looming issues’, whatever the level of complexity on offer.


As important as the cable design and manufacturing processes, the need for securing and identifying a wire or cable using marking techniques often goes overlooked. We offer a variety of marking processes from heat-shrinkable labels to cable ties, self-adhesive labelling, and single character wire markers. Whatever your requirement, we have it all tied up.


The need for customers outsourcing their box build requirements, has led to us investing more time and focus in this area. Offering a cost-beneficial solution for our customers, we currently manufacture a number of box build products and whether you need cable assemblies installing or a full enclosure to be completed, we are more than happy to do this and have an organised box build procedure in place.

With hundreds of quality products manufactured every day, our business continues to grow as does our product portfolio.

Express Assemblies Ltd